Thursday, March 13, 2008

Street Fighter IV females

Look to the right of this scan of Famitsu mag. It says "Street Figther IV" and there's a bunch of familiar female characters (ignore that furry thing which is Famitsu's mascot I believe). It's just art, but the fact that it has "Street Fighter IV" on it pretty much confirms which female characters will be in the game I guess. Two characters in particular interest me: Elena (upper left, behind Cammy) and someone that looks like Sakura. The former because she's a character from SF3 which is, story wise, quite far into the future; the latter because it's Sakura. I guess they can come up with some contrived story for Elena (like maybe she's much, much younger here). Or maybe they're doing away with the story. Who knows. But more importantly, is Vega going to be in the game>

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