Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Super Smash Bros. Brawl delayed, tears flow

Hey Smash fans guess what, the game you bought your Wii for has been delayed...AGAIN. According to a short press release Nintendo, Brawl has been "shifted a few weeks to March 9" for American consumers. Sakurai, Brawl's lead designer, personally apologized to fans in the official website. This was mainly due to "delays in the completion" of the game. This however did nothing to stop the tears and anger from fans who have been waiting so long for the game. If you look around in game message boards I'm sure there will be at least two huge ragefest threads about the Brawl delay.

Japan gets the game by January 31st, which isn't too long from now. What can't be understood is why does the NA version of the game need such a long time to complete? Are the translators that slow? Does Sakurai have a surprise for his Western fans? Three things are certain: One, Americans will import the Japanese version. Two, another month of Dojo updates. And three, there won't be any new characters so #2 is kind of useless. If you're not gonna do #1, prepare to be spoiled (disappointed?).

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