Tuesday, January 29, 2008

'Hot Coffee' settlement: Get up to $35 free

Remember GTA:SA's 'hot coffee' mod and the lawsuit that followed? Rockstar and Take Two are ready to provide compensation for those 'outraged' by the sex in the game, because it was rated M and not AO and consumers were not given enough warning of the adult-only content. Details are on the site, but you can get up to $35.00 if you have the store receipt. If you have neither original disc or purchase details, you can still get $5.00. Take this number and multiply it by the number of people living in America (offer is US only btw)...yeah, that's about how much TT and Rockstar are going to lose at least.

I can't get over how dumb this whole thing is. You're getting compensation for being 'outraged' by hot coffee even though wasn't available right at the start and you had to go out of your way and apply some mods before you got to see any of it--which means you already probably knew what was coming and you wanted to see it anyway. Why would you be offended? This whole thing is stupid. Mass Effect had a better sex scene and it was rated M and JACK THOMPSON THOUGHT IT WAS OKAY. Hot Coffee didn't even have any nudity.

Anyway, this is dumb and don't cash in on this, please. At the very least, use the cash you get for your GTAIV preorder.

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