Friday, February 1, 2008

Rock Band confirmed for Wii, but we already have the PS2 version

"a Wii version of Rock Band has been finally confirmed. While such a product has been discussed by EA and Harmonix in the past, official word that it should ship this year hadn't yet come."

Harmonix did mention before that a Wii version of Rock Band is guaranteed, even though there was no official statement. This time, however, it's absolutely confirmed, although no word on release date was given. A problem with a Wii version of Rock Band though is the possible lack of downloadable content. With around 200 downloadable songs released last year, this is quite a big deal. Sure, you can say "but the PS2 version doesn't have DLC either and it's doing fine." Yes, Rock Band is pretty good as a standalone game...for last gen. We should actually be thankful they even bothered with the PS2. Those who bought a Wii but not a 360 or a PS3, but have a PS2, might just stick with the PS2 version and this will hurt sales for the Wii version. Unless they can find a way to incorporate DLC into it. (SD cards might work.)

Also make sure the sound isn't mono.

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