Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wal-Mart covering M-rated games in black sleeves

Wal-Mart Covering Up "M" Rated Games

Wow. Just wow. How far are they going to drag this nonexistent issue of videogames, violence, and sex? Sure, the games do have gratuitious violence and/or sex, and you might say "lol they're doing the same thing they do to smut rags so that people know that they are, in fact, smut rags." No they aren't. They cover porn magazines in black sleeves because the covers of such reading material, more likely than not, DO contain nudity. When was the last time you saw viscera and/or bare titties on a game cover? Has there ever been an instance? (Hentai games don't count.) This is just so ignorant it makes me grind my teeth in rage. Thanks to you, kids will now have an easier time choosing the games that aren't meant for them. Furthermore, thanks for covering the rating printed on the box art, which as far as I'm concerned is doing a better job.

"When asked why the sleeves would matter when the titles are stored behind glass, the company had no comment."


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