Thursday, February 7, 2008

Street Fighter IV SCREENS

I'm not going to post the screens here because there's far too many and you have to see them all, so follow this link to the Famitsu website.

The great thing about Street Fighter IV, as can be seen from the pictures, is despite the extra dimension and apparent roid rage it STILL strongly tastes of SFII. The poses, actions, and attacks are exactly like their 2D counterparts from centuries ago. Which is absolutely neat, this being a 2D fighter with 3D models and enviroments.

It still needs to be seen in motion however. I'd like to know what that "Saving attack" dealie actually looks like, because from the pictures it looks like a parry, and Capcom said parries are not available in SFIV. Crimson Viper also needs a few videos, because I still can't imagine how a character that looks like this actually fits in with the game, especially after having seen this:

Furthermore, still no systems or even NA release date announced. However, you may see the cabinets that they use here.

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