Monday, February 4, 2008

Rez HD on PS3 a huge possibility

Those who missed out on what is generally considered to be the LSD of videogames, Rez, when it came out on the Dreamcast (then the PS2) are gonna get a second chance this coming Wednesday when it hits the XBLA store. Rez is a plain ol' shooter-on-rails like Panzer Dragoon but its real draw is the music aspect and the visual euphoria. It's extremely wise for 360 owners to not miss this opportunity.

But what if you have a PS3 and not a 360? Fear not, Tetsuya Mizuguchi offers some hope. In an interview during a hands-on, Mizuguchi said that since PS3 controllers are featuring vibration once again, bringing Rez HD to the PSN store is "something they would like to do and have considered." Although he recommends having up to 4 controllers to place on various parts of your body to fully enjoy the Rez experience. There's no guarantee yet, but given how much this game is loved and how hard it is to find anymore, you can almost bet on it. Until then just run folding@home or something since PS3 has no games.

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