Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Street Fighter IV scans reveals new old characters

The recent issue of Famitsu magazine came with this Street Fighter IV spread (scans courtesy of RuliWeb). There has been much speculation on which characters will return; particularly, everybody is anxious about whether or not Chun-Li and her thighs will make a glorious 3D comeback. She did, and her thighs actually look more delicious than ever. And it doesn't look as out of proportion as I feared when I heard SF was making the jump into 3D land. But JESUS CHRIST WHY IS EVERYONE ELSE SO BIG. Just look at Zangief! He's a walking mass of flesh with chest hair. Blanka looks cool though, he looks just as monstrous as he should have really been all these decades. Dhalsim looks...normal. When taken out of context he doesn't look as stretchy anymore. But since everyone else put on like 500 extra pounds his new bulky physique still looks undernourished in comparison.

Actually I don't really have a problem with the direction the art style is taking, except Zangief. Hairy mass of flesh. It is so disturbing.

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