Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mario and Sonic Olympics-type game

Well, it's nice that these previously-polar opposites have settled their differences, albeit Sega is ultimately the loser hohoho. Don't worry, Sega, Nintendo is right behind you (see: GameCube and in a few years, Wii. Hohoho.) In the Leipzig game convention, Sega revealed some screens of what seems to be an Olympics-type game, featuring characters from either companies' most famous franchises: Sonic and Mario. From what can be gathered from these screenshots, it looks like there will be many events and very many characters. Fans of both Sonic and Mario rejoice, but I wonder how fun the game will actually be. The game will probably be released just in time for Christmas, or maybe for the Olympics itself. 'Til then, just enjoy that picture of Cream being cute. And the screens below.

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