Friday, August 31, 2007

More Guilty Gear 2 updates

A few new characters (with a couple more gameplay screenshots) have surfaced: Valentine, a chick with a tall hat and ridiculously large cuffs on her otherwise short dress (note that it says "nonsugar" on one...hmm); Dr. Paradigm, a lizard-bird thing with glasses holding a book (presumably containing magic spells?); and Izuna, an otherwise masculine guy if it weren't for the dress, the fancy posture and--I'll give you a moment to prepare--cat-ears. Uh..

See the images.

By the by, I've been told that the guy I mistakenly referred to as Ky in a previous post isn't Ky but a character named "Sin". Also, some people suggest that he's an older Bridget. If this is true...I'm kind of disappointed. And guess what his weapon is? A flag! Made of denim!

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