Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Silent Hill: Origins for the PSP

After the atrocious Silent Hill 4: The Room and the relatively recent Silent Hill movie, many have started to lose faith in the game franchise, myself included. Though SH4 is considered by many as more of an expansion than an actual sequel (Konami admits to calling it "Silent Hill" even though it was meant to be an entirely different, separate title, for marketing purposes), the movie didn't exactly please the more discriminating patrons. It was entertaining in its own right, sure, but just wasn't good enough.

Enter Silent Hill: Origins. The game is for the PlayStation Portable, so it probably will be, by itself, just another expansion of the franchise, but at least it will be more relevant to Silent Hill than the 4th game, and probably the movie too. That pic looks very promising, at least. (Sorry about the captioning. Blame one of those users from Kotaku who just had to mention something about captioning.)

But, somehow, the caption seems only appropriate--the demo of the game is supposed to be shown in the forthcoming game show in Leipzig, but already it has been leaked into the Internets. Who could have done it? Karl Jeffrey, CEO of Climax (the NA distributors of Silent Hill) practically said it wasn't them. So that leaves only one explanation--someone in Konami did it.

I'm willing to bet a few bucks it's just Kojima dicking around.

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