Thursday, August 30, 2007

New DMC4 Screens: Tittage

During the Games Convention at Leipzig Capcom treated people to a new trailer, after quite a long while. From what can be seen, it looks sweeter than ever.

Here's a still of the main character, who sort of looks like Dante but isn't quite him:

I heard Dante is actually going to be the enemy in this installment, and this is what the next screenshot seems to be showing:

Another of the protagonist, with a cool looking gun (sword? gunblade?) and a new character:

And finally, Capcom's way of saying "Forget about the Xbox and the Wii": A closeup of a fancy-looking stylish dress, with nice buttons and lining! And wow, look at the texturing in the background! Simply exquisite. I swear, this is an actual screenshot.

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