Saturday, September 1, 2007

Haze for PS3 only?

Ubisoft: Free Radical's upcoming FPS Haze is for PS3 only. Haze, the drug-use-promoting, "asymmetrical gameplay" first-person shooter which introduces totally new ways to play your FPS like weapon stealing, playing dead, and overdosing your enemies, was originally planned for a multiplatform release (PC, 360, PS3), they are now focusing development only for the PS3. They said there are "no other versions in development", but they are looking into "new partnerships" in the future. As of now, the official websites list only the PS3 version of the game.

Xbox 360 owners have something new to bitch about. This game takes FPS to a whole new level, and the use of the drug (called "Nectar") radically changes the outcome of a game, depending on how it is used (or how much of it is used). For instance, overdosing on Nectar will make everyone look like enemies, including your allies. The game will auto-target and auto-shoot anyone nearby, and gamers will actually struggle to not aim the gun. When enemies are overdosed, they will behave this way as well, making for fun, easy targets.

I have an idea why Free Radical decided for Haze to be PS3-only: Xbox 360 is FPS wonderland, and during the holidays, if they push through with the 360 release, it will be just another FPS in the FPS ocean, with most of the attention being drawn by the likes of Halo 3 and BioShock. MAYBE in the future when the games rush is over the game will go multiplatform, when there isn't too much competition within the same genre.

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