Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lady and Trish in Devil May Cry 4

Trish, Dante's instant hard-on generator (and something else) in Devil May Cry, and Lady, Devil May Cry 3's leading, uh, lady, are both going to be in DMC4. How this is going to work out, I have no idea. They seem to be both chilling@Dante's office in that shot in the middle, but when did the two ever meet? And what's with Lady's raver-girl look. At least that's what it seems like from the picture. No, she doesn't look like a raver per se. She looks like one of those generic drawn female figures featured on the covers of generic raver music CDs. Also, she should be much older by now. She's probably older than Trish too, and Trish is an old hag to begin with.

< This party's gettin crazy!

GTFO Dante.

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