Thursday, September 20, 2007

Console preferences poll results

(The following is just my interpretation. There will be mistakes and it's mostly useless stuff, but if there's anything you wish to point out please feel free to do so.)

First of all, I would like to thank you guys for voting on the poll. To be honest, I wasn't expecting more than 2 or 3 people to vote, and 30 is the "sweet spot" for random survey analyses (said my Psych teacher). 42 people voted in total, and while it's still a small number it's just about enough for this blog's purposes. Again, to those 43 people: Thank you so much!

So, onto the results. It isn't exactly anything new or unexpected: Xbox 360 led the poll, which solely won the hearts of 44% of the voters. Wii is a far second, with 18% Wii-only users. The PS3 has the saddest results, 4% out of the 43 own only a PS3. However, 32% own a combination of consoles, and this is where I went wrong: I should have asked which consoles they actually own. Also, I can't determine which consoles they own, or if they actually bought all three. But I guess I can use these results in a research paper about affluence or something.

But I imagine, if the people who ticked option #4 had two consoles, one of them would be a PS3. Why? Because judging solely by the results of the poll, the PS3 sounds like a nice secondary console. And it's true: it sounds cliche and fanboyish but the PS3 really does have very few, albeit huge, games. In comparison, Xbox 360 has the largest library of games at present.

Which leads to another possible conclusion: the same people also own an Xbox 360. Why? To compensate for the PS3's lack of games of course. Though I might be wrong (I probably am), I don't think any one of these people who own 2 consoles own a 360+Wii or a PS3+Wii. Wii right now sort of seems like the console for those who have extra cash or for those who have little cash (the 18%). True, you can't rule out the possibility that they just really prefer Wii over either the 360 or the PS3, but apart from Metroid Prime 3 and SSBB (which isn't even out yet), what else does the Wii offer really, that isn't multiplatform? Trauma Center? I'm not being fanboyish or anything, but I imagine if I had a 360 I wouldn't need the Wii; and if PS3, my other console should be something that would hold me over until the PS3 gets its games (which will be a looooong time).

It looks like it'll be a sad Christmas for PS3; especially since the anticipated games don't come out until at least 2008.

Here's the results in graphic form:

How does any of this help with anything? It doesn't; in fact none of the things I said in this entry is anything that hasn't been said before, but it sure is helpful to know which consoles are failing, for consumers so that they will know where their money goes in the near future, and for developers to remind them which console they should make games for. As well, it's good for the respective companies who manufacture the consoles: Microsoft can use this while stroking its collective penis; Nintendo and Sony to remind them that their console is in danger.

Well...that's enough useless, research-less, bias-ridden stuff for today. Thanks for reading!

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