Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Speed Racer coming in theaters...and consoles

The upcoming Wachowski Bros. presentation and adaptation of the 80s cartoon, Speed Racer, is not even finished with production yet, but a tie-in game is already in the works. According to Joel Silver, the film's producer, the game is a "natural extension" of the movie, which both he and the directors believe is a key component of the movie's experience. Hmm...why does this sound so familiar *coughEntertheMatrixcough*

Coming out in 2008 on three platforms (Wii, DS, PS2 - sorry Xbots :( ) the game will feature, of course, racing, but not as much Gran Turismo as it is Motor Raid or Burnout -- yes, you will be destroying your enemies, possibly with lots of style since this is a Wachowski presentation.

Well, I've always wanted to press those buttons on Speed's wheel since the first time I saw them. I guess I'm finally getting the chance.


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