Thursday, September 6, 2007

BioShock: Moar plasmids coming

Some people just love to tinker with shit they're not supposed to. I mean, nothing against it, but there really are some things that you aren't supposed to find out by yourself too soon. Sort of like rummaging through your parents' room a few days before Christmas to find out what your present could be. Or going through BioShock\Content\System-folder because you just know in your heart that the huge amount of resources the game uses up isn't justified when you actually play it.

Well, what has been found? As the title suggests, there are four new plasmids (a.k.a. "magic") that will possibly be made available for download (them being part of a "downloadable content announcement"). They are "Machine Buster", "Vending Expert", "Sonic Boom", and "EVE Saver". In layman's terms, anti-mech, discount, Street fighter ripoff, and MP consumption decrease. Seems like a nice addition to the prepackaged arsenal of Pokemon powers (fire, lightning, telekinesis), but...will these really be useful? Let alone worth paying for? Why need anti-machine powers when you can zap them with lightning and hax them anyway? And since you can hax machines, including those of the vending persuasion, wouldn't discounts be useless as well? EVE Saver? EVE is like 20 bucks a pop! Without a discount! The only marginally interesting one is Sonic Boom, just because I wanna see the guy do it like Guile. If he isn't, can keep your fancy drugs, BioShock.

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