Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Famitsu Fully Approves of Halo 3

Famitsu, renowned Japanese videogaming and entertainment portal, gave Halo 3 a very, very high rating (37/40). This means Halo achieved a Platinum award, as any game with a rating above 35 receives the accolade. Some of the high points of the game, according to Famitsu (and as translated by 1up), is that "there are many checkpoints", which makes it easy for beginners who might have to retry often.

Halo 3 also scored high in the sound, visuals, and drama departments.

Now, I understand that Halo 3 is a fun game, not to mention pretty, but I'm not so sure why anyone would be reviewing the 'drama' part of an FPS. Does anyone really pay attention to that? Also, I'm not sure how Bungie feels, but wouldn't it be kind of insulting if your mature-audience videogame is suddenly a game for 'beginners'? I know I would be just slightly annoyed. But, shit, at least I got the Platinum award, from Famitsu no less. And Japan isn't even fond of first-person shooters (so I've heard).

By the way, the image on top is 1024x768 pixels in size if you click on it.

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