Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Halo 3 Legendary Edition problems! When will it end?

Scratched discs, faulty packaging, and the Master Chief replica helmet that comes with the $130 package can't even be worn by your cat. Now, people at IGN are complaining about the quality--or lack of--of the "remastered" Halo 1 and 2 cutscenes. Here are some choice quotes from the users:

"Anyone get the Legendary Edition and watch the second disc? The promised re-mastered cut-scenes are 4:3 and look like garbage. Anyone else seeing this?"

"The entire second disc is 4:3. First disc (that comes with special edition) is 16:9. But even the halo 1 cutscenes look worse than the original, like they were recorded on someone's VCR."

"Just got the official response. Yes it's going to look like ass. That really was the message. Will post one of the god-awful cut-scenes tonight in case you were contemplating the Legendary Edition."

"You guys must have messed up HDTV's because it looks great to me and XBOX360 is the best console ever for real gamers and, uh... just kidding. Looks like crap. :("

Bungie, what is going on? The box says "remastered in hi-res", yet these users are saying otherwise. Halo 3 was highly anticipated by your fans--fans that respect you, look up to you, and most importantly, expect high-quality products especially if you promised to deliver it to them when they fork over their $130--yet somehow you're falling a little short, not with the game itself but with the treatment you give your fans. $130 is a lot of money for broken discs and some Youtube videos. You'd better do something about these problematic Legendary Edition kits before someone sues you for deceptive advertising.

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