Monday, September 10, 2007

Guitar Hero DS Looks Retarded

Okay. First of all, ALL Nintendo DS games use the Touch Screen one way or another, even in the shittiest of ways (Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow comes to mind). Now, Guitar Hero, a game that is probably a bad idea for handhelds to begin with, is not going to use the DS touch screen. Instead, it will require the use of a peripheral, pictured above (concept art) that makes your DS look strikingly similar to the regular GH controller...albeit much smaller and probably more uncomfortable in usage. It doesn't look that bad from this angle, but imagine trying to play the are you even supposed to hold that like a guitar and see what's going on in the screen? And even without having to look at the screen, just how would one hold that anyway? It will look very awkward and, pardon the term, just plain retarded.

It doesn't even seem to be designed for right-handed guitarists (and people), which makes up a higher percentage of the market!

Wait...OHH OKAY. The arm twists so it faces the opposite direction, and you can hold it with your left hand and use your left fingers, while looking at the screen, which makes the experience feel a bit closer to playing a real guitar (or playing Guitar Hero on a more qualified console). Now only the strumming will be retarded. And it's the left-handed people who are shit out of luck this time.

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