Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hideo Kojima interview: MGS4 stuff

For those who have been following MGS4 and are consequently befuddled, Kojima offers a few answers in this interview/speech from TGS 07.

Some key points:

-SoP stands for "Sons of the Patriots", which are nanomachines injected into soldiers of PMCs (private military companies).

-Johnny in Meryl's FoxHound is the same Johnny from MGS1 and 2. He's also the least useful member in the team.

-Yes, you can save the "beauties" (the major bosses: Mantis, Raven, Octopus, and Wolf). On the other hand, you can also choose to kill them. *coughBioShockcough* It will also be explained why Mantis has Psycho Mantis and The Sorrow dolls.

-EVA is in her 80s, and "Big Mama" is more than just a moniker...

-Sunny, the little girl, is 9 years old. Which doesn't add up; she was born around 2007, while the game takes place in 2014...

-Though he says there is a possibility of another MGS game, this will be the last one Kojima personally directs. No really. Seriously. However it's highly likely that it won't involve Solid Snake. Cyborg Ninja spinoff for the win.

Those are only some of the interesting points. See the full interview from Gamespot.

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