Friday, September 21, 2007

Disgaea 3 Official Site is Up

The official (although Japanese-only) website for the upcoming PS3 game Makai Senki Disgaea 3 is finally up. If you can read Japanese (shame you can't copy-paste the text to Babelfish but I suppose you can ask a knowledgeable friend), you can read through the main characters' profiles, the story, and some news. I'm trying to but I can only do so much.

The best part is of course the character profiles. They don't seem to stray too far away from typical Disgaea fare but they still manage to look interesting. Here's some caps of the available character profiles on the site, with my best attempt at translating the names.

Mao - Seems to be the main character. Sort of looks like Laharl with the flowy cape. 1578 years old.

Razberyl - The token loli female sidekick. Reminds me of Hanako from 2. 1578 years old as well.

Almaz- fun and adamant, among other things, he's the first apparent human character in the game (18 years old).

Jiiya - he's a demon for sure, but his age is undetermined. Hmm...

There's some bits about the battle system too. Again, doesn't look like anything new from here, but I can't say since I can't read much of the text.

The maps and the on-screen elements are the same as before, and even the combo system is retained. However, there seems to be a new way to attack while stacked up:

Woohoo! Giant whip of characters. Though, I hope it's only one of many ways to attack while piled up, because the 'ladder combo' of Disgaea 2 was pretty useful for some of the bosses.

You can visit the link at the top for more information, or to help me with some of the moon language. :(

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