Friday, September 14, 2007

Interesting rumors: Console Castlevania and a slew of Kingdom Hearts spinoffs

I originally intended for this post to be just about the Kingdom Hearts spinoffs but what the heck. According to the upcoming October issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, the acclaimed Castlevania series are making a jump from handhelds to consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3, namely) sometime in the future. The question, though, is whether the game will be developed in Japan or in America, since another Castlevania game is in development in the U.S., as well as Silent Hill V.

According also to the same rumor section of the same magazine, Square Enix also has plans to milk the Kingdom Hearts franchise dry--much like what they're doing to Final Fantasy VII now--by releasing a compilation of prequels for various handhelds and consoles. Haha oh wow, I can't wait to see Donald Duck covered in progressively more belts and zippers as more KH spinoffs are produced.

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