Saturday, September 29, 2007

Advance Wars DS 2 allegedly going for a more realistic look

Advance Wars fans will be very happy to know that the rumors about an Advance Wars DS sequel might be true: a demo was made playable in the Micromania Games Show in Paris, and the demo revealed a few important things that will take place in the possible new game:

-The old COs are gone. No more Max, Andy, and Jake (!!!).
-The old look is gone too. Meaning, it's no longer cartoony but is replaced by a realistic military look.
-A new unit is available - the Bike Infantry unit.

I felt excited when I heard about Advance Wars DS 2, but now I'm not so sure. Part of the game's charm for me is the overall cartoonish look of the thing, which made the entire game feel light-hearted despite actually being quite mentally involving, and it really went well with the un-seriousness of the characters and the cheesy dialogue ("You got served!"). Plus Rachel and Sami were hot. And you just can't take country names like 'Orange Star' and 'Black Hole' seriously anyway/ Overall it made the games a little more fun. Plus, I can't believe they would just scrap all of the old COs like that. Well I guess all we can do for now is wait and see...if this is true, that is.

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