Saturday, September 22, 2007

Final Fantasy VII Overflow glitch

So, I was just taking my daily Internet stroll when I stumbled upon this little video on Youtube. I've not known any major glitches for FF7 except that one that lets you get Knights of the Round without the use of a Gold Chocobo. This one, called "overflow", involves gun-wielding characters (Barret and Vincent). The idea is that, if he equips several Materia that enhances strength (for Barret) killed too many enemies with Vincent's final weapon, is buffed enough in battle (Hero Drinks and Berserk are good), and use the Morph ability, the damage goes way over 9999. Nice isn't it? I know you can't wait to try to assrape Emerald Weapon with this now, but it gets more interesting. In the picture above, the thing wrapped in a red box is supposed to be the damage number. What happened to it? Well, the game wasn't programmed to display anything beyond 9999, so it gets screwed basically. This means you can't tell exactly how much damage you dealt. The game can't handle the truth!

Click the image for the Youtube link.

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