Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kingdom Hearts spinoffs: new scans and info

Looks like the rumor about milking the Kingdom Hearts franchise is true after all. Three KH spinoff games - 358/2 Days (silliest name out of the bunch), Birth by Sleep, and Coded, are in development for the DS, PSP, and mobile platforms, respectively. Famitsu magazine scans and some info below:

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (DS)

-Developed by h.a.n.d., responsible for Chocobo DS.
-Multiplayer gameplay is mission-based
-Scenario is comparable to FF7: Crisis Core, wherein you know where it ends but don't know how it flows.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP)

-Developed by the KH2 team
-3 scenarios and 3 main characters, playable in any order (a la Suikoden III ?)
-Battle system takes from both Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the GBA and regular KH controls

Kingdom Hearts Coded (Mobile)

-Brought to you by the same team that did FF7: Before Crisis
Different Disney worlds available through download.
-The setting is Sora's memories, being accessed as though through computer.
-Graphics are 2D sprites on 3D backgrounds (lol mobile phone powers)
-Planned for international release (!)

It's interesting how Square Enix spread the three games on all three platforms, made each exclusive to their respective platform, and are developing and possibly releasing them simultaneously...Hmmm. Parents beware.

(thanks to duckroll of NeoGAF for info and scans.)

P.S. coding fucking sucks

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