Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What to do if your Halo 3 disc is scratched

So you finally get your copy of Halo 3, and the limited edition too. You go home excitedly and boot your 360, ready to pop the game disc in, only to find out that the disc is scratched. Heavily scratched. Well, fear not. The problem with Halo 3 LE packaging has quickly become a huge problem for Microsoft so shortly after the release date, and thanks to the overwhelming complaints, and Microsoft realizing that the packaging actually does suck, the company is willing to do something about your damaged product.

If you send the damaged disc back to Microsoft before the end of the year, they will gladly replace it free of charge. However if it is not Halo 3 you're sending back, but is published by MS, forget it because they'll charge you 20 bux.

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