Monday, November 5, 2007

Devil May Cry 4 Collector's Edition announced

Capcom announced in a press release that a collector's edition of Devil May Cry 4 will be available starting February 5, 2008. Inside the special package:

-Volume 1 of ADV Films' DMC anime spinoff (first 4 episodes)
-Steelbook™ case
-Bonus DVD (contains a "making of", soundtrack, digital art book, wallpapers, and more)

The package will retail for $79.99.

Unlike the Assassin's Creed collector's edition (or BioShock or Haruhi), however, there will be no plastic likeness of the main character (or any character) from the game to come with the special box. Which is sort of disappointing. They could have maybe included in the package Kotobukiya's ArtFX Dante or Vergil figure (which are exquisite by the way), or even just a small semi-articulated action figure would be nice, and increased the price to $120. I would buy that. Unfortunately there will be nothing of the sort, which kind of sucks.

The price is also sort of high for the content...I'm not sure if I would pay eighty bucks for content that would make its way to the Interweb probably just hours after release. The only thing that the package has going for it is the anime, but even that isn't really anything special. I won't do a review, but let's just say it's meh.

I'm a pretty huge DMC fan, but this thing just isn't worth my $80. None of the bonus content is physically tangible, and its not really worth collecting (unless you like collecting DVDs, or an extra-hardcore DMC fan). Maybe if they included a shirt or something I would buy it.

At least the DVD packaging doesn't look like it'll damage the discs, unlike Halo's.

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