Monday, November 26, 2007

Fragile, Namco's new RPG: Screenshots and official website now open

Fragile is Namco's latest offering for Wii players. Developed by tri-Crescendo (responsible for Eternal Sonata and Baten Kaitos series), this RPG is a third-person "exploration RPG" with a post-apocalyptic setting. The Wiimote will be used mainly to move the flashlight around as the player explores abandoned, empty (or are they?) ruins.

The official website is online but there isn't much and it's Japanese, though there is a trailer and a song.

Screenshots and scans (Famitsu):

Porn of that girl on the lower left is going to exist real soon.

No NA release date yet, sadly, but hope for it to be announced soon because this game is looking great.

By the way the main character is a dude.

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gamer said...

yes! go for gold RPGs!!! too bad I can't play this one. What console is it available? I hope in PS1 LOL!!! its somewhat similar to kingdom hearts I think. The way I see it on those pics.