Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NiGHTS Into Dreams coming to the PS2

NiGHTS, the supposedly awesome Saturn game that I never got to play because I didn't own a Saturn, is finally coming to the PS2, according to that scan. I know absolutely nothing about this game, but I've read all the positive things people have said about it in the past, and I'm definitely looking forward to this release. So should you, I guess, especially if you haven't played it, because people who did play it really seem to love it. Since this was originally from the Saturn it raises one important question--is it a port? A remake? No one knows for certain right know, but we do know that it will have updated graphics at least, as well as widescreen support.

Thank you Sega for deciding to release this on the PS2 and making it available for us unfortunate people who never had a Sega Saturn, instead of including it as an unlockable in the Wii sequel. Now please make some good Sonic games already :(

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