Friday, November 16, 2007

First images of Ghostbusters game + some information

Vivendi's Ghostbusters game isn't going to be an FPS by the looks of it. Which isn't bad at all really, as I think we have enough FPS games, but I imagine how much more fun it could have been. But eh. It's Ghostbusters. Here's some information lifted from /v/ (which means you shouldn't completely trust these until a more reliable source comes up):

- Release is for October 2008.
- You play as the 5th member of the team
- It takes place in 1991 and the city has agreed to fund you but they hire Peck to watch over you to make sure you're not just pulling their strings.
- After you are hired, a new evil hits New York and ghosts start appearing everywhere
- The first mission is to hunt down Slimer in the hotel from the 1st movie, it trains you how to use the proton pack and trap.
- While you play, you hear chatter from the other 4 members over your radio or in person when they're around you.
- The environments are destructible, but don't worry about bill as now that you're funded by the city, they cover the damage.
- You press the d-pad to deploy the trap
- There are different proton beams you can use and some of them act like a fishing mechanic, a pull and tug lasso effect.
- Terminal Reality has developed their own engine to handle the physics, they showed off a demo where they dropped hundreds of ragdoll bodies, boxes, and cars and they all reacted perfectly with no framerate hits.
- They will be able to simulate up to 1,000 objects at once with no framerate hit.
- The entire demo was done on the PS3 to show that they're not having trouble developing for it.
- There is a Slime Gun that shoots out a trail of green slime and you can anchor things to each end of the strand, you can tether ghosts to walls using this for easier trapping.
- One of the levels takes you back to the library from GB1 to re-visit that librarian ghost, or as Ray refers to it as, "the one that got away".
- The Elmer Bernstein score is in tact and while no other songs were confirmed, they have to imagine Ray Parker Jr's song will be included.
- Your AI teammates will perform all sorts of actions without you having to tell them and they can save you by shooting ghosts and deploying traps.
- They said they wanted to keep you as a 5th member of the team so you can hear all the interaction between the other 4 guys with the dialog that Akyroyd and Ramis are writing.
- They want the game to be, "fun, funny, or scary" at all times. In an average hallway, for example, ghosts could smash through a window, pop out from behind a vending machine, or come down from the ceiling.
- Your main hub is of course the Firehouse and you're free to walk around and talk to Janine, play with Egon's new gadgets, perform scientific experiments, etc. And YES you can slide down the firepole!!!!
- The Stay Puft battle is actually EARLY in the game as there's a big reveal bigger evil at play.

Not sure if it will be available on any console other than the PS3 yet, but I doubt it will be a PS3 exclusive.

Oh and the shots (from Gamersyde):

UPDATE: Gameplay video from G4. Prepare for lots of buffering though

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