Monday, November 12, 2007

Want a date? Check which console you own first

To the guys: ever wondered how you measure up with the ladies as a gamer? MSN Dating & Personal's Margot Lester gathered a panel composed of a psychologist, a game programmer, a gaming network proprietor, and the editor-in-chief of (which happens to be the source of many of the videos on this site) to help you answer that question. Here is a summary:

If you own a PS3, you...
-like to be the first to have things
-may be rich
-demand the best
-"sophisticated, intelligent, enjoys competition"
-are loyal
-are in the know
-are always working

If you own a Wii, you...
-are selfish about his passion, but open for social interaction
-are fun
-are smart with your money

If you own a 360, you...
-are willing to play cooperatively, and have a wider choice of games
-are into serious gaming
-like violent games, but are also social
-are rich
-might be good in bed

How accurate do you think it is? While there is a disclaimer on the bottom of the article which states that you shouldn't completely trust these, I think most of it is just bullshit. Firstly, a lot of people own a PS3 simply because they're raging Sony fanboys, or are waiting for MGS4, and not because you demand the best or whatever. Although this might be where the 'loyal' bit comes from. Next, the Wii may be the best choice economically, but what it offers is much, much different from what the PS3 or the 360 does. You can't really claim that a Wii owner is more fun than a PS3 owner just because the games require the player to waggle around. Lastly, the statements about the 360 owner can also be said of PS3 owners: there's coop, 'serious gaming', violent games (NGS anyone?) and it costs a lot. I'm not sure about that last one though. I mean who needs dates when we have games?


coeli said...

Since I own just a PS1 and PS2, it just says that I'm outdated and poor.

DVD Sales Online said...

T_T, I only own a PS1, does that mean that I'm poorer? Damn! I want those other consoles badly for even greater games of course...