Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Silent Hill V details revealed in Play Magazine

Here's some chilling (/groan) info about the new Silent Hill installment, courtesy of Play Magazine and

-Flashlight and broken radio return! The enemies react to light. Some puzzles will require you to use particular light-emitting tools so this might pose a problem!
-Camera can now be controlled by the player. Which might help with the problem stated above, but will definitely lose the game some points because Silent Hill, or any of these horror games for that matter, shouldn't really show the player everything--you know, it creates suspense and stuff.
-Button mash- er, matching segments for certain puzzles and events, kind of like those things in God of War or Dynamite Cop.
-MGS3. You now have to tend to your wounds and other negative afflictions because this will affect gameplay. It's no longer as simple as using a potion and your status will be "fine".

The flashlight and radio are welcome re-additions especially after they disappeared for some odd reason in SH4, but I'm really not too keen on the movable camera. The "survival viewer" aspect is a nice touch of realism though and will definitely add more tension.

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chard said...

Cool! a Silent Hill there a subtitle? what could be their theme this time? really excited to see this game until it is published.