Saturday, December 1, 2007

Coded Soul: A new reason to dig up your PSP

The PSP has been really quite amazing lately. It baffles me why it didn't sell as much before, and needed something like Final Fantasy to attract attention. This pretty-looking game is brought to you by one of the original creators of the Shin Megami Tensei series, Koji Okada. Which explains why Coded Soul is so SMT-like in appearance. It also reminds me somewhat of Xenosaga, especially that picture of the white room.

I'm not sure what the gameplay is like, but judging from this screenshot it seems to be an "active" RPG like .hack, judging from the little button icons. That's a good thing maybe, but I hope it's a little more Tales-like if it's gonna be this way.

No US release date yet, but February 7, 2008 in Japan. See the official site for more info (that is, if you can read moonspeak).


chard said...

such nice graphics for PSP...Well, PSP games this days are getting better and better. Really got to have one of this ASAP!! LOL!

graphics said...

Awesome graphics you got here...