Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New Burnout Paradise screens

These were apparently from an asset disc EA gave out themselves, during a demo of an early build. Some guy got them and posted them on the internet for our viewing pleasure. Thanks guy!

Burnout Paradise is looking really beautiful. Look at the nicely-detailed textures, and the designs are excellent. Well...not much else to say aside from that, since this is Burnout after all so you know what to expect. Oh, and it runs on 60 fps. Sixty.

These screens are from the PS3 version.

There's actually a lot more images than that, and I mean a lot more, but I can't really post them all here. If you wanna see the rest head over to X-Power, who provided these screenshots.

1 comment:

pingas said...

seen a lot of improvement with the previous Burn Out game...Obviously, there's no doubt that PS3 and XBOX 360 provide such nice graphics for this game...