Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New information about Devil May Cry 4 + some videos and bonuses

From IGN:

-A new type of currency called "Proud Soul" has been added. You use these to purchase special moves/abilities. These are calculated after every mission, and the usual Red Orbs are also converted into Proud Souls.

-2 Difficulty modes: "Human" (easy mode) and "Devil Hunter" (the difficulty level at which you should play)

-Nero has Air Hike and can Hightime in mid-air for some awesomely crazy combos.

-You can refund items/abilities if you don't like them.

-The price of stuff you don't purchase goes up every time.

-Stages are replayable.

-Stylish play is now actually given numerical points.

The new purchasing mechanic is interesting; it will force the players to really think about what to buy. It seems the new refund feature actually comes at this cost, which isn't necessarily bad. It will just require a little more planning. Then again, you can replay levels if you need the credits to purchase in case the items become too expensive.

IGN also has some new videos available. (PS3 version)


If you pre-order you get this nice little artbook. For PAL people, there's a Collector's Edition coming soon. The tin case looks like this.

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pieta boy said...


those new features really tempts me to play this game...proud soul seems to be a good idea for new currency on this sequel of devil may cry. and those hang time, can't really wait to perform brutal combos with that LOL...really looking forward to play this even on PC version. I hope they release one on it T_T