Wednesday, December 12, 2007

THIS is how you advertise your vidya game

Nothing smaller than ENORMOUSLY GIGANTIC? Check.
Blue-haired underaged-looking schoolgirl? Check.
In school uniform? Check.
:3 face? Check.
Her name is Kona-chan? Check.

Actually 4/5 of those can apply only to the Lucky Star PS2 game which, by the way, is delayed until January 24. :( Oh well, at least there will be a giant Konata reminding people to buy the game until then!

This building, the Media Land building, which always has game-related ads posted all over it. Last spring it featured Gyakuten Saiban 4 (Apollo Justice), summer it was Crisis Core, and now it's Lucky Star. I wish they did this kind of thing everywhere in the world.

(Source: Akiba-ch)

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rpg fanatic said...

that's quite an advertising...well, its not bad at all to project such a huge ad on a certain building as long as its ok to the owner of the building itself of course...