Monday, December 10, 2007

Women and video games

Okay, the usual stance with regards to this issue is "LOL GIRL GAMERZ" (see picture) and that they don't really play video games. Of course they do. Although I will admit, the ones that I do see usually play casual/party games or rhythm games. And the ones that do play 'traditionally' male games (like fighting games) usually aren't very good at it. Or whatever is popular at the moment (Counter-Strike, for some reason, had many women playing, but Unreal and HL didn't get much love).

There are also women who are so vocal about their being "girl gamers" that it gets really unbelievably irritating, and yet the only games they play are CS and DotA and they aren't that good at it either. I mean, if you're a gamer then you're a gamer, regardless of the gender. No one is proud of being a "guy gamer".

So, I constructed a poll. It's on the right side of this site. It will run for 10 days. My blog can't get a good sample size, I know, but at least it'll give me a rough idea. How many women seriously play video games? We're not talking about rhythm games like DDR and Guitar Hero, party games, or games that you can win by button mashing. Seriously play as in, have been playing since childhood, have experienced controller-throwing frustration in a game yet still beat the game in question, yelled at your friend while playing Contra because he/she's too slow/fast, and know what "Roman Cancelling" is and how to do it. Of course, the definition of 'gaming' varies, and I really hate throwing around the term myself, but if you've been doing similar things, then that counts too.

Please vote, and thanks!


pingas said...

In my observation, most woman are not interested in playing video games especially those fighting games, war games, FPS games, RPGs, and shooters...Its very seldom to see woman play those kind of games.

Shay said...

1. Your results may be hurt by girl gamers not going to a blog called "VideoGamesNude"
2. Your results may be undermined by girl gamers picking the reference to SOTN instead of "woman"

iluvgirlswithglasses said...

I appreciate the comment:) and now for some answers..

1. I realize that, but guys can be nude too right? Besides a lot of this blog's readers come from Digg anyway, and even I don't really notice the site names until after I click through and see the site itself.

2. While I do encourage people to fully participate by disclosing their gender, I still respect those who only want to 'half-participate' and not reveal their sex. I've thought of putting "I don't want to disclose my gender SCREW YOU AND YOUR VIDYA BLOG" or something like that but I thought that was too boring so I decided to have a little fun instead.

3. No one's gonna take a survey from some unknown blog seriously anyways :(

Thanks for posting!

video games addict said...

Well, I think 30 % are girl gamers and the remaining 70 % are not a gamer....because most of the 30 % of girl gamers has a boyfriend who massively play video games specially PC games....They do play as well just to wait for their boyfriends...that's what I noticed...

coeli said...

I so agree with what video games addict said.