Thursday, December 20, 2007

Activision wants your money for the GHIII/Rock Band compatibility patch

Well, that explains everything. The reason why Activision doesn't want to release the compatibility patch for PS3 GHIII/Rock Band is not because they want to punish Harmonix for being lazy and unprepared, they just want your cash. Which isn't really surprising. Now, the desperate Rock Band players who want an extra guitar will not only pay for the game itself, but also for the patch. You know, if Activision just said so earlier, and nicely, I probably wouldn't mind, since it is their technology after all. They could have made insane amounts of money from desperate Rock Band players that way. But no, they just had to be dicks. I hope you resolved the problem with the Wii version of GHIII already Activision for it looks like you're going to lose a lot of fans.

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