Friday, December 7, 2007

New Grand Theft Auto IV trailer. Right on time.

Some days ago when the official box art was finally revealed there was also an announcement about a new trailer coming, well, today. So here it is.

As per usual with GTA, there's still framerate issues, and the cutscenes still look like old Mafia movies. Some people might be annoyed by this; but then again isn't that what GTA really is? And the framerate can be looked over as long as the game is smooth overall. The animations however are getting pretty repetitive; I wish they'd make people move more realistically. Still it looks like a fun game--there hasn't been a non-fun GTA game (I'm not sure about the ones for PSP though as I haven't tried them) and free-roaming with such gorgeous (relatively anyway) graphics is going to be sweet.

Anyway there's also a HD version of the trailer if you would prefer that.

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love will lead you back said...

Even if the graphics looks the same and repetitive, still its GTA, one of the top games I ever played...I'm definitely waiting for the release of this game on PC...hope its very soon.

Anonymous said...
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