Friday, December 21, 2007

Devil May Cry 4: PS3 vs Xbox 360

If you have both consoles, or if DMC4 is the reason you're buying your current-gen console, you should probably take a look at this video. It's just a comparison of the PS3 version versus the Xbox 360 version.

I embedded the video here but the resolution probably won't do justice, so you can also view the full resolution video here.

SPOILERS: there's virtually no difference, and this video won't help you make your decision. :(

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Anonymous said...

Download this video from Gametrailes and watch it on a High Definition TV. There are spots that if you pause it you can see clear differences of poor shadowing bland colors and Sonys famous grainy appearance. I was bumbed too. I wanted DMC 4 on the PS3 to complete the collection. Capcom has to seel this game. They won't downtalk their own product because its bad business. They know what people are saying and know the PS3 version looks different. They just won't say it. Sorry Sony. Capcom has to make money, right?