Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bionic Commando gameplay videos

Again, from Gametrailers.com:
Wire mechanics (a.k.a. the things you can do with the wire)
Chain reaction gameplay

The swinging looks a lot like how Spiderman does it, but how else would it look like? Also, you can't just swing anywhere like in Spiderman games, you'd have to look for a structure to hook your wire onto. And that's what's great--you can't just save yourself from falling from a height if there isn't anything solid to grab on.

It's also cool how you can use your bionic arm as a secondary weapon. It seems you can hold down enemies while dealing with others at the same time (in the "wire mechanics" video), as well as grab and throw items. I hope you can whip enemies with an extended wire though, in case it gets too crowded and your one hand with one gun isn't enough.

Speaking of guns, the gunplay/fighting looks pretty awesome. Being able to launch enemy units upwards and leaving them vulnerable to your brutal (and possibly stylish) assault is always fun. Although I'm not sure how aiming works, whether it's manual or auto lock-on. Manual aiming is a chore especially when there's lots of enemies and enemy fire, so I hope there's some sort of auto-lock feature.

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