Thursday, October 11, 2007

Portal: Now in 2D

Here's a nifty little time-waster. If you've played Portal, Valve's dimension-bending FPS that comes with The Orange Box, then you already know how this works. You have a gun that shoots portals of 2 kinds, one entrance and one exit, and you can instantly go wherever you leave your exit portal at. It's pretty cool. This fan-made flash game from Newgrounds based on Portal is a great little 2D version of that game, and is surprisingly well-done, considering how much crap there is on that site. If you don't have Portal yet and want to experience it (to an extent), or are just waiting for your copy to arrive, or are just plain bored at work, give this game a try.

(If you are at work you shouldn't be reading this at all, lulz)

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