Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Monster Hunter 3 will be for Wii

Nintendo won exclusive rights to Monster Hunter 3, the third in the series of games which were previously PS2 exclusives (and a couple of PSP spinoffs), from Capcom. According to Capcom, they have actually begun to develop the game for the PS3, but due to high development costs they had to switch to the Wii.

Nintendo Co. Ltd. president Satoru Iwata sees this as an opportunity to expand, to "enter the third phase of [their] strategy", by making the Wii appeal to a wider population of gamers: while the Wii has a strong lineup of video games for children, it is also gaining titles that appeal to more mature gamers--Monster Hunter 3 being one such game. Global sales of Monster Hunter games have reached 4.5 million copies, and this new development will surely help the Nintendo Wii stay well ahead of the competition.

For Sony however this is truly bad news.

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