Monday, October 8, 2007

Haha oh wow, Manhunt 2 re-rejected

The British Board of Film Classification, or BBFC, has once again rejected Manhunt 2, despite revisions made to decrease the goriness of the game, stating that they "do not consider that these [revisions] go far enough to address our concerns about the original version," and that the game still is "visceral" and "casually sadistic". Furthermore, the revisions did nothing about the game's "bleakness and callousness of tone".

Uh...what the hell is "bleakness and callousness of tone" supposed to mean? Are they requiring Rockstar to fill Manhunt 2 with rainbows and happiness? Since when did "bleakness" merit censorship? "The game's too dark and dreary, it's not good even for adults" hurrrrr.

The game's edited heavily enough that it actually doesn't look so violent anymore with the removal of the 'execution scenes', which comprise most of the game's violence apart from the generic beating up of enemies. I.e., it isn't much more violent than, say, MGS3, which featured real-time breaking and slitting of necks thanks to CQC. And it got past the board of censors somehow. At this rate Manhunt 2 will be so heavily edited that the entire game will be nothing but GTA with spiffier graphics and no cars. The way things are going it seems like BBFC has something against Rockstar games. Lets just hope someone in there realizes what they're doing is foolish and immature, not to mention condescending to adults. What kind of maturity level do they think an uncut version of Manhunt 2 require anyway?

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