Saturday, October 20, 2007

Koji Igarashi talks about Castlevania STUFF has an amusing little interview with Iga (Koji Igarashi), producer of the well-known Castlevania series of games. Iga hinted of a new DS game being developed, but nothing is to be announced yet until after players "enjoy the PSP version (the Rondo of Blood remake)". So for those who thought that just because the next Castlevania is on the PSP Konami has "switched sides", think again. Also, he said that by pre-ordering the Rondo remake from GameStop players will receive a special edition Simon Belmont figure, Simon's Quest version (black, red, and white, and 'pixelated'), especially made for this occasion by Neca (who also made another 'pixelated' Simon figure, as well as the new Symphony of the Night figures, among many other things). However the numbers are very limited, so be prepared.

Iga also admits that he messed up with regards to the timeline of the games, and that he shouldn't have released it because now it's 'all official'. Well, they can always rewrite it. Many games in the series have been rendered 'unofficial' because of this same timeline anwyay.

Also, as to why the player whips candles:

"I've actually thought about the candles. The candles are people's souls that were taken by Death or by the vampires. In Japan there are candles that represent life. So, when you release the souls from the candles by whipping them, they give you a "thank you" present. Thank-you hearts, or thank-you holy water."

I wonder what the new DS game will be like, though. I don't really want another Aria sequel, and Portrait of Ruin kind of sucked for me...and honestly the 'MetroidVania' stuff is getting kinda old...I hope he can bring something fresh for the next installment.

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