Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oh noes! Super Mario Galaxy leaked onto the Internets!

Super Mario Galaxy has allegedly been leaked into the Internet. The possible suspect is EBGames, whose stores have a demo of the game. The 'demo' used by retail chain in question lets you play SMG for a short amount of time; however, if you play it on a Wii you will find out that it's actually the entire game itself, without the time limit. The kiosks holding the demos are locked, which pretty much means the culprit is a EBGames employee. Or someone who managed to unlock the kiosks. Either way, +1 for pirates, -1 for Nintendo. They really shouldn't use full games as demos.

However, some people claim the leak doesn't work. Apparently, if you try to boot it it gives you an error: "error 001 unauthorized device has been detected".

Still, it's pretty careless of Nintendo to let something like this happen.

Oh and there are no links to the rip. Sorry. (Couldn't find any.)


Anonymous said...

nice post...thanx for posting this..
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Anonymous said...

This game is definitely a must-have. Have you seen the GameTrailer Review?
They gave 9.8 out of 10! It's a ten-minute-long and very complete review. Since I saw that, I can't wait to play this game, it looks amazing, the best Mario platform ever. I think I'll go nuts if I don't get this game very soon.