Friday, October 26, 2007

New Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles game screens

A sequel to the Gamecube FF is in the works. So far it's looking pretty...but not much else is known about it because I can't read what's on the site and that it's still in production. But at least there's screenshots. I wonder if it will have some compatibilty with the DS, like it did with the GBA back then.

There's more screenshots in the link so be sure to check it out.

edit: The full title is "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers" according to anfangs_endes.


AnFangs_Endes said...

Crystal Bearers > The Young King and The Promised Land

Pingas said...

yes...another final fantasy. I hope I can play this one.

iluvgirlswithglasses said...

Ah, so it's called Crystal Bearers. Thanks anfangs_endes!