Friday, October 5, 2007

R-Type Tactics intro and gameplay videos

Yes, seeing the word 'tactics' suffixed onto a title of a series of games that usually aren't SRPGs generally means the game will suck (see Onimusha Tactics). Also, of all the things a gaming company can combine, a side-scrolling shooter and FFT-style gameplay truly is unusual and just plain bold. However, Irem Software, makers of the R-Type series of side-scrolling shooting games, looks promising: It's not exactly like Final Fantasy Tactics; it will still look as if it were a traditional side-view shmup, but instead of being able to freely move around, the player will take turns moving around a grid while the enemy does the same. When you perform an attack, the view then switches into an animated attack sequence. The ships, weapons, and even some of the bosses are still intact, and the game includes an ad-hoc battle mode.

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