Sunday, October 21, 2007

Metal Gear Solid 4 E for All videos: "You're the man now, dog!"

Yeah, someone actually says "You're the man now, dog!" in the game. =/ I hope they take it out in the final version because that's just really lame.

Videos (from
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Interview with Ryan Payton


Andakinas said...

Hey man. I really enjoy your site, thanks for adding me to your blog linker. Mega Gear Solid has always been top quality, ever since the first one. I miss it. Pleasure seeing your blog as always!

silentw said...

Andakinas- You're pathetic. Try getting the name of the game right (it's in the title of the post, for crying out loud) before you slather on the vapid, obsequious praise. I'd suggest that the person running this blog de-syndicate you, ASAP.

iluvgirlswithglasses said...

silentw has a point, but lets not be too harsh okay D: I'm sure it was just an honest typo. I sometimes type 'megal gear solid' too when I'm in a rush.

Andakinas, since you also run a gaming blog, please do try to get game titles, names, etc. correct next time.

Anonymous said...

If Kojima productions can make a game this good looking on the PS3, then I can't even imagine what the 360 port will look like in 3 months after the PS3's release.

iluvgirlswithglasses said...

Butthurt Xbot